Self Order Station

POS Self Ordering Stations have been developed for
Retail POS

Pos Systems
A self-ordering terminal "Welcome Screen" can have your own promotional images.


Fast, versatile and intuitive POS system that gives your customers the freedom to order at the Order Station or at the counter.

  • Intelligent product selection allows easy, fast navigation through the POS screens

  • Instantly send relevant orders to the Kitchen Printer or Kitchen Video System

  • No need for interaction with your staff when ordering,
     The Retail POS
    Advantage POS System can operate completely self-sufficiently

  • An Order “Stub” is printed for the customer

  • Orders are retrieved and paid when order is prepared and collected
    – or can pay with EFTPOS at the time of ordering.
    Integrated EFTPOS, Tyro or PC EFTPOS **


    A variety of Touch Screen POS Terminals are available

The images can be configured to display your own image,You can change these images as often as you like. 

This can include Special Items and Deals that will scroll across the screen when the terminal is not being used.
Simply touch the screen to access the products available for sale.
The Product Sales screen is similar to the regular sales screen on your POS, 
If you have Intergrated EFTPOS the customer can PAY for the order as well! 

The addition of “Extra’s” or “With Outs” is fast and simple allowing the customer to “tailor” the order to their requirements, or remove/delete products from the order.                                                               



  Once the Order is complete, and the “Place Order” button has been pressed the system will require the customer to input their name to complete the order or they can scan their loyalty card!





Once the order has been Complited it can then be retrived at the front counter pos unit



The display will once again show the Welcome Screen, inviting people to begin the next order. 

 The Order will now print to the Kitchen Printer(s)


POS Kitchen Video

for Preparation.