POS Pizza Bars & Fast Food

POS System: Retail POS Advantage touch screen point of sale software  is perfect for pizza & fast food outlets as it features an interface to caller Id, kitchen printing, Kitchen Video screen, Customer Order Ready screen, customer history, automatic offers/deals, Customer Marketing, and SMS E-mail Alerts!  



POS System: Retail POS Advantage touch screen point of sale software Main Features

  • Phone orders for pickup and delivery are built-in as standard
  • Google Maps is integrated to enable you to quickly find your customers for delivery purposes
  • Delivery fees can be set by post code, suburb or customer 
  • Caller Id  Provides details of who is calling and the address
  • SMS/E-mail Order Confirmation and estimated delivery time
  • Order Ready Screen is great for your customers that arrive to collect their order, when they arrive on the screen is the customers name and status of their order and how long until it is ready
  • Extras will automatically charge the correct price based on pizza size
  • Go back to any part of the order and easily add or remove products without having to start again,
         e.g. 1/2 & 1/2 Pizza 
         you can go back and adjust the size or the toppings, no need to delete and start again! 
  • Warn the staff of the minimum delivery charge with options
  • Staff can clearly see the delivery address at all times
  • Staff delivery details confirmation option
  • 25 different offer type templates individually configured. It can detect offers automatically withinin the sale.
        For Example : Buy One Get One Free, Choose The Most Expensive Half Of The pizza, 2 large Garlic Bread And Drink for $ Day of the week Special.
  • Automatic kitchen recipe/messages e.g. how to make a pizza with a list of all the toppings
  • A point of sale terminal can be an order station, blocking you from being able to pay the orders off at that terminal.
  • Fast and easy to use.
  • Easily re-print an order or print the bill.
  • intergration With
  • (brings all your online orders from)


     in to the pos and prints out the order

  • For more details About See link: https://www.deliverect.com/en-au
        STOP!  Before you buy another POS, ask them this.
    Can they do the following. ???
  • Automatically change the price of any extras when you change the size of the pizza without having to start the order
         again! Yes this will also work on ½ pizzas etc.
  • Easily add or remove toppings and they will be charged the correct price based on the
        pizza size! This eliminates the staff accidentally charging for the wrong price of toppings.
  • Easily change any sale type to any sale type (e.g. Pickup sale to delivery sale) at any time
         (with automatic price adjustments, if necessary, based on the sale type and offers available)
  • Automatically Detects offers/special deals!
          No need to ask customer if the order is part of a deal. No Need for separate special /deal menus cluttering up your screen

  • Kitchen Video System (Instead of Printers)

  • See today’s specials from the log-on display, and a scrolling message for the staff to see.
  • Easily search for a product by any part of the products name, or search by bar code.
  • Advanced product search
  • Popup messages relating to the selected product on the sale screen.
  • Different menus by sale type, for example, breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus, or dine in / take away.
  • Different menu by employees, allowing you to set up the system and block menus that may have alcohol on them, or if a staff member likes the menus laid out differently to the other staff.
  • Product qty countdown on selected products, with the qty remaining indicated on the product button on the screen.
  • Generate in-house vouchers with unique Ids that can be purchased as gifts, and then redeemed once-only in-store.
  • Automatic prompting for size when selling a product item e.g. small, medium or large.
  • Different price level by sale types, if desired e.g. delivery or pickup can have different price levels.
  • Multiple barcodes per PLU product with prices for each barcode.
  • Choice of colourful or graphical buttons on the sale screen with product images, or even different button shapes.
  • See a large image of the selected product on the screen, giving you a clear picture of the product you just selected.
  • Fast-cash payment buttons for quick sale.
  • Forced surcharge or discount on payment types (optional).
  • Discounts with options!
    • Full staff control.
    • Day of the week.
    • Discount to sale or product only.
    • Percentage or dollar discount with capped limits for the entertainment book offers.
  • Put a sale on account for a customer.
  • Display product notes or recipes on the screen, or print to the kitchen.
  • Unique configuration per point of sale terminal, but all working together on the same database
          allowing you to access orders from any point of sale terminal e.g. one point of sale could be in phone
          order mode but others are in table mode.
  • Phone Order, delivery, Pickup, or combination modes!
  • Menus that prompt with min and max choices, to ensure that the correct information is gathered for
          the kitchen.
  • It's easy to add new products or update prices at any point of sale terminal, and all terminals are
          updated instantly.
  • Graphical logo on the receipts.
  • Built-in exporter to extract custom data from the database for marketing purposes.

  • System Redundancy: means no single point of failure so if the server fails the other terminals
          keep working!
  • A visible indication that a printer is not working, and automatic redirection of any orders to the
          next available and working printer, with a message on the docket and screen to let you know
          it was redirected.
  • All orders will get printed, but if there are no other available printers then the orders will be stored
          until the printer starts  working again, and all are then automatically printed out.
  • Automatic daily backups of your database with an option to up backup to a second location

    Total Stock Control from the retail pos advantage software
    See available stock at all stores and request an internal transfer or hold of product.
    Receive stock direct at each store or ship out from the warehouse.
    See available stock and other necessary information from the sale screen.
    See estimated days left of stock, full stock sales history.

    POS System Reports
    Retail Pos Advantage point of sale system gives you total control, with over 200 reports! 46 sales related reports,
    33 Stock related reports, 15 daily financial related reports and the ability to export sales data into accounting programs such as Xero and Intuit QuickBooks, Myob Essentials.

     QuickBooks IntuitXero 

    MultiStore Head office
    Flexible options of running a live point of sale centralised database or each store as stand-alone with a centralised
    Customer Loyalty database. Either way, the point of sale system is a smart pos system and will keep working even if
    head office is unreachable. With RetailPos Advantage touch screen point of sale software you gain greater business knowledge and
    control of menu layouts, products, pricing, promotions, barcode scanning accounts, laybys, stock, employees, reporting
    and marketing to your customers.

    Customer Loyalty
    RetailPOS Advantage POS System, point of sale software's Customer Loyalty allows you to reward and market to your customers.
    Customers can easily join up at any point of sale terminal and instantly start earning Reward Points, Members-only specials, discounts and access to member’s prices. Each product sold can be individually assigned a Reward Point value and expiry date. As points become close to expiring our system can notify your customers about their
    soon-to-be-expired points via e-mail or SMS. They can also be notified as they earn points.

    Touchscreen point of sale POS System, with Integrated Web Store (nop commerce v3.7 or v4.1)
    Retail Pos Advantage touch screen point of sale software has its own built-in web store where you can configure products that are sold online. Potential customers can join your Loyalty Programme online. Any purchases made will be shown on your touch screen point of sale system  POS as an on-line sale and any production dockets will automatically be printed.

    Total point of sale POS System Control
    You can quickly and easily change the price or add new products to the touch screen point of sale system from any pos terminal, even while serving a customer. And the changes will automatically flow through to all other POS terminals within seconds. But only if you have the correct staff rights to do so!

    Total Staff Control
    The RetailPOS Advantage software tracks every action in the sale screen and is totally controllable by employee types or system settings with over 300 control settings available to ensure your system works and is used the way you like it.

    Customer Marketing SMS & E-mail
    From within the retailpos advantage point of sale software offers a built in way to market and keep in touch with your customers, such as sending an e-mail or SMS to all customers, only those who came in on a specific date, have not made a purchase for a given number of days, from specific suburbs, or having a birthday soon and much more.

    Owner SMS/E-mail Alerts!
    From the RetailPOS Advantage point of sale software you can easily send yourself alerts if any staff or specific staff do no-sales, cancelled sales, refunds or payouts over a certain dollar amount.

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