Pos System package startup U.L

your very own pos system, you own the touch screen, printer and cash drawer and rent the pos software, includes phone support and pos software updates for 12 months you can choose to continue rent the pos software after the first 12 months
Delivery date: As Per Australia Post

POS System Features: Ultra lite POS
Free initial Basic menu set-up and training at our office

Touch screen Point of Sale software POS System

POS System is Fully designed for touch screen operation including the set-up area

POS Software updates included via internet

POS Software is upgradable to our full Retail Pos Advantage product

Fast & easy to use and programme POS Software

Built-in help guide, email and phone support

POS System is not web-based so the internet is not required


Database backup feature will automatically backup your POS System software to the computer or any other external drive or location including Drop Box, you can even do a backup with a few simple button presses to any external Windows-compatible storage device you like

POS System Sale Screen:

The POS System sale screen is smart and simple to use with 30 menus and 30 products per menu

Set the product button text size and font including product image

Adjust sale screen background colour, drag'n'drop menus and products around on the sale screen to place them in the order you require, or have them automatically displayed alphabetically

Manager override for when staff do not have access within a sale and a manager is required

You can easily adjust the quantity of a sale item

From the POS System sale screen you can also perform a no sale, pay out, cancel sale, and can search for products, notes, float in, access reports and print receipts

Refunds it can be as simple as scanning the barcode on the customers receipt to do a refund or you can either find the sale in the History EJ or manually do a refund for the products within the sale screen

History EJ has a comprehensive amount of detail showing information about everything that happens within the sale screen, you can easily go back to a past sale and reprint the order or receipt as required

Upto 5 pre-set % or $ discounts with discount limit

Sale-wide or item-only discounts with days of the week and staff control

Print Order Number

Suspend/recall orders prior to payment.

If a product is not found after scanning the barcode, you can easily add the product while you are still in the sale screen

You can easily add name, phone number, table number on orders


Fast cash buttons are on the POS sale screen to speed up the payment process with the option to have intergrated payments for EFTPOS where the sale value can automatically be transferred across to the EFTPOS terminal via Pc-Eftpos Tyro & Smart Pay.

Add your own payment types, they do not have to be intergrated with any EFTPOS terminal so you can process the sale manually

Once the sale is completed the Change Screen will appear where you can choose whether or not your customer would like a receipt.

Add new products:

Copy product from the sale screen or change prices without having to go to the backend of the POS software

Each product has options such as Product Details, Set price, set for GST / No GST, discountable, prompt for price, prompt for description, prompt for customer name or number, non-quantity adjustable, and a barcode for the product


Customize the receipt message layout and also have your business logo on the receipt. It is possible to share the receipt printer with multiple POS terminals (they can also share the cash drawer)

Kitchen /drinks order printing with the ability to automatically sort the order and print by priority. You can even share the printing with the receipt printer but still have them print on separate dockets.

Products that are being printed to a kitchen can easily be shown as a main product or a condiment/preparation item and can visually look different; even notes on orders can be given a different look

Customize the way the order dockets look when they are printed

Unlike other POS System software we can utilize most printers or we can provide you with new hardware from a wide range of choices

POS System Sale screen adjustments:

From the POS System sale screen you can easily perform pay-outs, no sales, cancel sales and refunds

Detailed information with customisable reasons for why refunds, cancel sales, no sales, and pay-outs are done including what staff person did it. This information is useful for analysing why

Pos system Reports:

Over 48 different reports with the ability to look back to past dates or times

Reports with blind balance option

Set a report to run for a period of time E.G last month

Full History EJ (Electronic Journal) with option to reprint orders and receipts

Print reports to receipt printer or A4 printer


You can have as many staff as required with different levels of control giving the staff access only to areas and features you desire. With over 30 control options for each employee type you will have powerful control over your staff.