Pos System package lite version

your very own pos system, you own the touch screen, printer and cash drawer and rent the pos software, includes phone support and pos software updates for 12 months you can choose to continue rent the pos software after the first 12 months
Delivery date: As Per Australia Post
Free initial Basic menu set-up and training at our office

Cafe Restaurant Pos System

Table service, hand held ordering, Kitchen Printer, Receipt printers,
cash drawers, self-order stations, Kitchen Video screens,  Customer Details,
Owner SMS/E-mail Alerts!

  • Fast and easy to use.
  • See multiple floor plans and rooms of your restaurant or café.
  • Name the rooms and tables to what you want them to be called.
  • Lay the tables out just like they are within the room!
  • Dynamic tables which are the same shape as the tables in your restaurant and the same number of chairs.
  • Tables are clearly marked if they are vacant, occupied, held from printing orders, have had their bills printed, need cleaning, in use by another member of staff.
  • Easily re-print an order or print the bill.
  • Easily split the bill as many times as desired.
  • See the table's information on the screen about the order, what was ordered, and when/who put in the order.
  • Easily transfer a complete table order or part of the order to another table.
  • Merge tables together.     
    WYSIWYG Table screen
    (easy to change table layout from the table screen.Drag and drop!)
    Hand-held Walk About Table service: Small but the sale screen looks identical to your main terminals. Our system will Keep Working even if it loses the network connection and automatically update/print orders when it establishes a new network connection.
    (Yes you can keep on taking the orders!)

    Covers allow you to enter in the number of covers (people on the table).
    Change any sale type to any sale type (e.g. table sale to delivery sale) at any time (with automatic price adjustments, if necessary, based on the sale type).
      • Caller Id
      • Order Ready Screen For pick up orders
      • Kitchen Video System (Instead of Printers)
        See today’s specials from the log-on display, and a scrolling message for the staff to see.
      • Easily search for a product by any part of the products name, or search by bar code.
      • Advanced product search (e.g. find products not linked to a printer )
      • Popup messages relating to the selected product on the sale screen.
      • Automatic kitchen recipe/messages e.g. how to make a cocktail or a pizza with a list of all the toppings
      • Different menus by sale type, for example, breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus, or dine in / take away.
      • Different menu by employees, allowing you to set up the system and block menus that may have alcohol on them, or if a staff member likes the menus laid out differently to the other staff.
      • Adjust a sale or product by price level with a meaningful description e.g. staff, whole sale pricing.
      • Automatic prompting for size when selling a product item e.g. small, medium or large.
      • Different price level by sale types, if desired e.g. delivery or pickup can have different price levels.
      • Multiple barcodes per PLU product with prices for each barcode.
      • Choice of colourful or graphical buttons on the sale screen with product images, or even different button shapes.
      • See a large image of the selected product on the screen, giving you a clear picture of the product you just selected.
      • Fast-cash payment buttons for quick sale.
      • surcharge or discount on payment types                                        
      • Discounts with options!
        • Full staff control.
        • Birthday Discounts.
        • Department Discount.
        • Day of the week.
        • Discount to sale or product only.
        • Percentage or dollar discount with capped limits for the entertainment book offers.    
      • Display product notes or recipes on the screen, or print to the kitchen.
      • Unique configuration per point of sale terminal, but all working together on the same database allowing you to access orders from any point of sale terminal e.g. one point of sale could be in phone order mode but others are in table mode.
      • A point of sale terminal can be an order station, blocking you from being able to pay the orders off at that terminal.
      • Table, delivery, direct sale, or combination modes!
      • Menus that prompt with min and max choices, to ensure that the correct information is gathered for the kitchen.
      • It's easy to add new products or update prices at any point of sale terminal, and all terminals are updated instantly.
      • Graphical logo on the receipts.
      • Scanning of barcodes, receipts (for quick refunds),

        Surcharges & discounts
        Graphical table layout for the restaurant
        Direct sale for the bar
        Product specials
        Sophisticated price control
        Built-in security & staff control
        Bistro-style ordering
        Live Sales Viewer
        Price Level By Sale type
      • Discounts by $ and %

        locally developed RetailPos Advantage touch screen point of sale Software

        RetailPos Advantage is the best-value point-of-sale with a feature-packed quality point of sale system,
        with features (that other providers call extras)
        that are designed and developed right here in Adelaide.
        The easy-to-use smart touch screen point of sales screen ensures your staff can easily use and navigate their way around.
        RetailPos Advantage boasts high performance and stability with the assurance of automatic backup printing
        and off-line mode to ensure your business keeps trading.

  • POS System Redundancy: means no single point of failure so if the server fails the other pos terminals keep working!
  • A visible indication that a printer is not working, and automatic redirection of any orders to the next available and working printer, with a message on the docket and point of sale software's screen to let you know it was redirected.
  • All orders will get printed, but if there are no other available printers then the orders will be stored until the printer starts working again, and all are then automatically printed out.
  • Automatic daily backups of your database with an option to up backup to a second location automatically.
  • reports and the ability to export sales data into accounting programs such as Xero and Intuit QuickBooks, Myob Essentials.

     QuickBooks IntuitXero 

    Total point of sale, POS System Control
    You can quickly and easily change the price or add new products to the touch screen point of sale system from any pos terminal, even while serving a customer. And the changes will automatically flow through to all other POS terminals withinin seconds. But only if you have the correct staff rights to do so!

    Total Staff Control
    the retail pos advantage software tracks Every action in the sale screen is totally controllable by employee types or the pos system settings with over 300 control settings available to ensure your system works and is used the way you like it.

    Owner SMS/E-mail Alerts!
    from the retailpos advantage point of sale software you can eaisly send yourself alerts if any staff or specific staff do no-sales, cancelled sales, refunds or payouts over a certain dollar amount.
    Not sure what you need ? Give us a call 08 8363 2988.